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The Romanian Students Club strives to be a dynamic and organic organization where any interested member can take the initiative. This project aims to unite and create co-operation between Romanian Student Clubs and Associations from across Canada.

Each year clubs strive to plan innovative and creative activities in order to meet the needs and interests of their members. Past events have included both cultural and social events.

The student run Christmas and spring concerts have proven to be a time tested tradition that attracts many in the community, along with the Romanian cinema nights. Sporting events like outdoor and indoor soccer, squash and tennis tournaments, and beach volleyball in the summer have attracted many students. Beach trips, ski trips, vin-fiert socials and BBQs are among the many events that have kept members of the clubs entertained throughout the year. But no event is more popular than the numerous and legendary parties that each club organizes – the back to school, Halloween, Romanian Day, Christmas, Martisor, and end of school parties.

So join and spread the work. We look forward to seeing you at club events!

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Romanian Students Club

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